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Handcrafted Metal Koi Fish Firepot
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Handcrafted Metal Koi Fish Firepot And BioFuel 1036588

Handcrafted Metal Koi Fish Firepot
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A fire-breathing Koi fish? Yes, it's true! Introducing our Handcrafted Metal Koi Fish Firepot. Hand hammered from recycled metal and hand painted with majestic detail, our orange and red koi fish sits over a foot tall and features elegant fins. In his mouth, this ornamental fish holds a small firepot so it appears he is breathing fire when lit! During the day, he's a Japanese-inspired metal yard sculpture but at night he provides artistic lighting for any outdoor living area. For an impressive walkway or garden path, station two koi fish on either side of the entrance. He's also small enough to sit on an outdoor wall, tabletop or among your flowers, this koi fish's weather-durable finish allows him to live outside, burning brightly, all year long. Such a unique outdoor accent, this fish firepot will easily become your garden, porch or patio's most treasured accent. Organica BioFuel and Organica Media Kit sold separately. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

This metal firepot can be used indoors or out when fueled with our safe, environmentally friendly Organica BioFuel and Media Conversion Kit, sold separately. For use in firepots and flamepots, Organica BioFire Safety Fuel for Firepots works with the Organica Media Conversion Kit to create a lovely, entertaining flame in your indoor or outdoor firepot. Simply place the Organica Media into your firepot fuel cup and then pour in the Organica BioFire Safety Fuel just to the top of the media. The fuel will only burn while in contact with the media, which makes it an extra safe burning option.

• Red And Orange Koi Fish Flamepot
• Handmade from recycled sheet metal
• Holds one small firepot in his mouth (included) for a fire-breathing look
• Hand painted with detail
• Sturdy enough for a porch, patio or landscaped space

19"L x 5¼"W x 17¼"H
Handcrafted Metal Koi Fish Firepot
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Organica BioFuel Starter Set
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Organica BioFuel
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Organica Media Conversion Kit
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