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Handcrafted Double Dragonfly Stainless Steel Balancer
Handcrafted Double Dragonfly Stainless Steel Balancer

Handcrafted Double Dragonfly Stainless Steel Balancer 1016881

Handcrafted Double Dragonfly Stainless Steel Balancer
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No need to mind your manners with our unique Handcrafted Double Dragonfly Stainless Steel Balancer! This one-of-a-kind metal garden accent is sculpted with recycled stainless steel, "post consumer" flatware. Balancing on a spoon, attached to a 35" tall steel garden stake, two dragonflies made of forks, knives and spoons, dip and swoop in the breeze. Due to detailed nature of this garden balancer, each dragonfly's one-of-a-kind construction varies from decorative flatware to simple patterns. Styles will vary because each dragonfly is unique. Stake this outdoor balancer in a flowerbed, landscaped space, garden vista or near a patio and be prepared for guests and neighbors to ask questions about these amusing insects crafted from reclaimed flatware. Made in the USA.

Even though these dragonflies are balanced prior to shipping, after use one dragonfly may occasionally become unbalanced. To correct the balance you simply bend the spiral that holds the lower dragonfly–if the dragonfly leans to the right bend the counterweight to the left and vice versa. The spiral between the dragonflies along with the garden stake are unfinished and will acquire a natural rust over time. If you wish to have no rust, spray these rods with clear-coat urethane!

• Two Dragonflies Recycled Stainless Steel Garden Balancer
• Each dragonfly is handmade with "post consumer" flatware
• Dragonflies rock back and forth in the wind
• Entertaining outdoor accent
• Handcrafted in the USA

10"L x 9"W x 5"D with 34-1/2" stake

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Products Rusts...must be treated!
Comments about Product:
When the item was received the box contained a note that it may rust and you'd need to spray it with a protectant. Yes indeed, it rusted within a few days. It should have been treated before shipment! It is a beautiful piece.

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