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  • Handcrafted Copper Windswept Willow Tree Wall Art

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    This Handcrafted Copper Windswept Willow Tree Wall Art is an incredible piece of art that will add natural elegance to any indoor or outdoor wall. Over three feet long, this copper willow tree wall sculpture will create a striking impression when hung above a mantel, headboard, in a foyer, hallway or on a porch. Carefully handcrafted in rural North Carolina, this piece is an original design by artist Andy Brinkley and features a delicate windswept shape. Its warm shades of shining gold and brown are achieved by heating the copper until the metal is red hot, then quenching the copper with room-temperature water. The willow tree appears to bend softly in the breeze, and its swaying branches create a sense of peace. Lightweight and easy to hang. Hardware included. If placed outside, the copper will oxidize to a green patina, not rust. Treated with a clear, non-yellowing acrylic coating for outdoor use.

    Andy, a native of Virginia, has been working with metals for over three decades. Initially a blacksmith, he began to utilize various metals and has specialized in brass and copper for the past 30 years. Andy started working out of a small basement shop and today his studio is on a rural woodland nestled in the Appalachian foothills of North Carolina. When he's not tending to his gardens or sculpting at his bench, Andy can be found at the controls of his antique Luscombe aircraft.

    • Handmade Windswept Willow Tree Wall Sculpture in Copper
    • Large size, measuring 3½ feet long
    • Natural copper details with clear acrylic coating
    • Original design by artist Andy Brinkley
    • Made in the USA

    43"L x 30"H x 4"D

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