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Ground Stakes, set of 12
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Solar Bells 1905

Ground Stakes, set of 12
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Establish vegetation earlier than ever with bell cloche protection. Soil is warmed while plants stay safe from weather/pests/wildlife.

Clear, curved surface provides minimum reflection/maximum light penetration. UV-stabilized polystyrene construction. Adjustable vent. Stack for easy storage.

Large Bells 14"H X 18" dia.
Medium Bells 12"H x 13-1/2" Dia.
Mini Bells 10"H x 8" dia.
Ground Stakes 6"L

Order 2 or more Large Bell sets at $47.95 each.
Order 2 or more Medium Bell sets at $32.95 each.
Order 2 or more Mini Bell sets at $18.95 each.
Order 2 or more Ground Stake sets at $7.95 each.
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