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    Infuse new appetizing blends of fresh or dried spices and herbs into your favorite recipes with a traditional Granite Mortar and Pestle. The premium quality granite mortar is heavy, well balanced and suitable for rigorous pounding and grinding. Granite’s non-pourous quality allows for extracting the oils from herbs and spices without these oils being absorbed into the stone and also makes both the mortar and pestle easy to clean.

    Used since ancient times to prepare ingredients by crushing and grinding them, the mortar and pestle are often associated with the profession of pharmacy due to their use in preparing medicines, but have always been just as at home in the kitchen. Consider the classic pesto sauce, made from crushed garlic, basil, pine nuts, olive oil and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Not only is this Italian delight traditionally made in a mortar and pestle, the name itself—pesto—comes from the same root that gave rise to the English word pestle.

    So whether your tastes lean toward a bright, herbal pesto or maybe a tangy guacamole, leave the food processor on the shelf and get your grind on the old-fashioned way.

    • Solid granite
    • Non-porous—will not absorb flavors
    • Heavy-duty—suitable for rigorous pounding and grinding
    • Ideal for grinding herbs and spices
    • Easy to clean

    5" dia. x 5"H

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