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Eco-Celli Barometer
Eco-Celli Barometer

Eco-Celli Barometer 2078IN2255

Eco-Celli Barometer

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The Eco-celli is a patented new development in the ecological design of liquified barometers. The Eco-celli contains no mercury but is as accurate as a comparable priced mercury barometer. The U-shaped glass tube is filled with a red fluid as well as a gas. The atmospheric pressure presses down on the top surface of the fluid, which then compresses the gas (Boyles Law). This comprises the barometer part if the instrument. The Eco-celli scale is clear acrylic and is four times larger than a a standard mercury barometer scale making it much easier to read.

The precision thermometer is filled with blue colored fluid and is mounted parallel to the barometer tube. An increase or decrease in air temperature can cause the fluid in the barometer to expand and affect the pressure reading. This is corrected by setting the indicator on the movable acrylic scale, which is attached to both the barometer and thermometer tubes, to the level of the blue fluid in the thermometer thus automatically compensating for temperature. This is a truly unique feature for the Eco-celli Barometer. The barometric pressure can be read by sliding the index attached to the sliding scale to the top of the red fluid level. This also serves to show the pressure trend as it remains in place as the red fluid level changes with the changing air pressure.

The Eco-celli requires simple assumbly and comes with a calibration kit to adjust the unit for any altitude above sea level. The model has a simulated high gloss burl wood frame outlined in brass colored trim on the inside and outside edges and a parchment paper covers the faceplate. Wall mountable. Made in Belgium.

U-shaped tube: 32.28"long, 1.57" wide
Thermometer tube: 32.28 long
Thermometer scale: 32 to 122° Fahrenheit and 0-51° Celsius
Barometer scale readings: from 29.00 to 31.00 inches and 733-788 millimeters

Overal Frame size: 41"H x 6"W

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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This product is not available!