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    Counter-Motion Illuminarie Paddle Wind Wheel


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    Our Counter-Motion Illuminarie Paddle Wind Wheel provides a lot of entertainment for your garden gatherings! The luminous globe in the center stores the sun's energy by day to emit a gentle green glow by night. Weatherproof steel paddle wind wheel can spin in two different directions at the same time when the breeze blows. Mesmerizing!

    • Counter-Motion Illuminarie Paddle Wind Wheel
    • Luminous globe stores the sun's energy to emit a gentle green glow by night
    • Weatherproof steel paddle wind wheel can spin in two different directions

    17-1/2"W x 11"H with 41" stake
4.1 (based on 16 customer reviews)
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  • Comments about Product:
    I love this product! it spins its little heart out, with even the faintest wind. a great spinner!
  • By:LouiseB
  • NEAT!!

    Comments about Product:
    Bought for my neighbor who is always doing kind things for me and she is absolutely thrilled with it! These wind wheels make people happy!!
  • By:Spinnerfreak
  • Like a Dance

    Comments about Product:
    This is a well made piece. The metal is light enough that it takes very little wind to make it spin, and when it spins it looks like a dance.
  • By:
  • Little assembly required.

    Comments about Product:
    The spinner arrived with the box lid dented in. Luckily it was not broken even tho the Styrofoam packing was broken. The spinner is pretty. The bottom spinners turn in a light breeze. The top spinners will turn with a bit stronger wind. Out of the box I only had to screw the poles together then mount the pole and spinner. Overall it seems to be sturdy.
  • By:Tepsie
  • Nice Spinner

    Comments about Product:
    After reading the reviews, I knew that the orb would not glow---and it doesn't! But the spinner moves with the slightest of wind, and is nice to watch. It was also nice to get it on sale. Thank you.
  • By:Grancy
  • False advertising

    Comments about Product:
    The description and video lead one to believe that this product will have discernable glow at night. It does not. Very disappointing and I feel that the advertising deceives the consumer.
  • By:Nancy
  • Not glowing

    Comments about Product:
    Like the design but the globe on neither is glowing after being in the sun for almost a week. Is there a step that is not explained in the instructions? Noting is said about the solar globe by way of activation.
  • By:frizz
  • Pretty but does not work as described

    Comments about Product:
    The spinner works great but the globe does not illuminate.
  • By:SC in SoFL
  • Beautiful spinner

    Comments about Product:
    I fell in love with wind spinners while visiting Santa Fe, NM. I recently ordered 6 spinners from Wind & Weather. This one is one of my favorites. It is elegant and moves easily in the wind. The best part is this one comes assembled!! Forget about the bulb glowing- none of them do (I live in FL- plenty of sun). But who cares, they make the garden beautiful. I smile everytime I look out the window.
  • By:Aloha T
  • LOVE IT !! but a couple things to know about it

    Comments about Product:
    LOVE THIS SPINNER !! Its spins with ease and it so nice to watch. The metal is heavier and holds together nice. The orb glow does not last long enough to glow at night. I guess by the time the sunset happens the glow has faded and doesn't glow at all. I knew this before I ordered it because my mom has one and her didn't glow either so I wasn't expecting much. I will say that if you hold a flashlight to the orb it does have a soft glow so it works but just not at night. Even though they say you have to have it in direct light to get it to work it doesn't I live in Hawaii and still had the same results. the box that it was shipped in is flimsy so the packaging could be improved. I was surprised it was in working order when I removed it from the box. So just keep the orb and packaging in mind when you order. THE SPINNER IS GREAT !!!!

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