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Cornish Lilies, Set of 12 Bulbs
Cornish Lilies, Set of 12 Bulbs

Cornish Lilies, Set of 12 Bulbs 1028338

Cornish Lilies, Set of 12 Bulbs

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With strap-shaped leaves and large umbels of lily-like pink flowers, this set of twelve Cornish Lily Bulbs are a hardy perennial. The proper name of the species is Nerine bowdenii, with some common names being Cape flower and Guernsey lily. However, it is neither a true lily nor from the Cornwall or Guernsey provinces, but originates from South Africa. Looking best in autumn and summer, these bulbs prefer to be crowded, take less than one year to flower and grow extremely well in direct sun with medium levels of water. The plant's eight or more faintly-scented, bright pink flowers with curled, wavy-edged petals will make quite an eye-catching display in your yard or garden. Plant in well-drained soil in a sunny sheltered position. The base of a sunny garden wall is ideal. To help the bulbs survive a winter cold, give them deep, dry mulch. Includes twelve 4" bulbs.

• Nerine Bowdenii Bulbs, set of 12
• Bright pink flower with curled, wavy-edged petals
• Faintly scented
• Prefers well-drained sold in a sunny sheltered position
• Easy to grow in a garden or container

4" bulbs

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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