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Hand-Carved Beer Drinker Wooden Cuckoo Clock
Hand-Carved Beer Drinker Wooden Cuckoo ClockHand-Carved Beer Drinker Wooden Cuckoo Clock Detail View 1Hand-Carved Beer Drinker Wooden Cuckoo Clock Detail View 2Hand-Carved Beer Drinker Wooden Cuckoo Clock Detail View 3

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Hand-Carved Beer Drinker Wooden Cuckoo Clock
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This beautifully detailed Hand-Carved Beer Drinker Cuckoo Clock is made by master craftsmen in Germany's Black Forest. This high-quality cuckoo clock has wooden hands, a wood dial with Roman numerals and a light yellow, hand-painted and hand-carved cuckoo bird. It features all brass, eight-day mechanical movement. The alder wood chalet is accented with classic red shutters, colorful flower boxes, a bench, woodpile, deer and a mountain dog.

On every hour the cuckoo bird emerges from a swinging door above the clock dial and counts the hour by cuckooing once per hour. For example, at one o' clock the bird will cuckoo once. At eight o' clock the bird will cuckoo eight times. The half-hour is announced with one cuckoo call. Every hour when the clock cuckoos, the traditionally dressed, sitting beer drinker raises and lowers his mug in a toast. The handcrafted shield pendulum continuously swings back and forth controlling the timing of the clock. Two cast iron pinecone weights are suspended beneath the clock case by two separate brass chains. Wind the clock once per eight days by raising the two pinecone weights. One weight powers the time, while the other weight powers the cuckoo and cuckoo's call.

If your cuckoo clock's timing should ever need adjustment, you can control the speed of your clock by sliding the shield up or down the pendulum stick. Sliding the shield down causes the cuckoo clock to run slightly slower, while sliding the shield up makes the cuckoo clock run slightly faster. Due to this clock's handcrafted nature, no two will be alike.

• Wood Cuckoo Clock With Beer Drinker
• Handmade by expert craftsmen in Germany's Black Forest
• Yellow bird cuckoos on the hour, at the top of every hour
• Beer drinker toasts when the clock cuckoos
• All brass, 8-day mechanical movement

12-3/4"W x 7-3/4"D x 12-1/2"H

Please allow 2-3 weeks for deli

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