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Ceramic Owl Firepot
Ceramic Owl Firepot Ceramic Owl Firepot Ceramic Owl Firepot Ceramic Owl Firepot

Ceramic Owl Firepot And BioFuel 1031600

Ceramic Owl Firepot
Full of fiery fun, our Ceramic Owl Firepot will light up your garden or patio with his adorable expression and impressive presentation. Our rich, brick-colored owl features big eyes, a detailed design and a weather-resistant glaze. With this entertaining owl ceramic firepot, you can benefit from the warmth and ambience of a fire indoors or out using safe and clean burning gel fuel. An attractive centerpiece for any style décor, our round little owl has a two hour burn time and is easy to refill. A unique gift for owl lovers or anyone who enjoys spending time by a campfire or fireplace.
This ceramic firepot can be used indoors or out when fueled with our safe, environmentally friendly Organica BioFuel and Media Conversion Kit, sold separately. For use in firepots and flamepots, Organica BioFire Safety Fuel for Firepots works with the Organica Media Conversion Kit to create a lovely, entertaining flame in your indoor or outdoor firepot. Simply place the Organica Media into your firepot fuel cup and then pour in the Organica BioFire Safety Fuel just to the top of the media. The fuel will only burn while in contact with the media, which makes it an extra safe burning option.

• Ceramic Owl Tabletop Flamepot
• Coated with a weather durable glaze
• Adorable, brick colored owl
• Two hour burn time, easy to refill
• For use indoors or out with our eco-friendly BioFuel

7-1/2" dia. x 7-3/4"H
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