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C-Cell Batteries, 2-pack
C-Cell Batteries, 2-pack C-Cell Batteries, 2-pack C-Cell Batteries, 2-pack C-Cell Batteries, 2-pack C-Cell Batteries, 2-pack C-Cell Batteries, 2-pack

Weather Direct Basic 230

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C-Cell Batteries, 2-pack
$13.77 - $74.95
Weather Direct™ regional weather forecasters display up-to-date forecasts using the same sophisticated analysis as your local TV station. Weather Direct™ downloads information through a wireless gateway that plugs into your high-speed DSL or cable router. The gateway transmits by wireless radio frequency located anywhere in your house. It's just like having your own personal weatherperson! It even includes an additional sensor for temperature right in your own backyard.

Customize your multi-day forecasts and current weather reports to include up to five cities (choose from 60,000 specific locations) with the most comprhensive, reliable and up-to-the-minute weather information available - from the internet! Eas-read back-lit displays show a complete reange of weather data, graphics, trends storm alerts, atomic time and more! Change city selections and weather-data details anytiime.

Uses 2 C batteries (not included). Remote sensor uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

Web-based 4-day wireless weather forecaster
Forecasts for 60,000 US & Canadian cities
4-Day forecast with daily sky conditions
High and low daily temperature forecasts
Wireless thermometer
6-hour updates
Indoor/outdoor temperature
Customizable weather data
Gateway connects to any router
Display device up to 300' away
Includes gateway LAN cable and AC adaptor for router connection
Temperature, Base: 14.1° to 100° F
Temperature, Remote: -39.8° to 139.8° F
Self-setting clock with custom alarm
Easy set up

6"H x 6"W

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Multifunctional Broadband Router


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Multifunctional Broadband Router
Multifunctional Broadband Router
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By jventerprises
FromBoston, MA
Not Bad, but...
Comments about Product:
This was very easy to setup, very easy to use. (My router is made by SMC in case you are wondering). The outside temp is a little annoying in that you either have to wait for the temp to scroll across the bottom, or press a button on the back to see it. But pressing the button changes what is displayed so you have to keep pressing until it cycles back to what you want. It would be much better if it showed the outside temp (either from the web, or sensor) all the time. Also, the remote sensor just stops talking sometimes. I have it no more than 10 feet from the display. I have not ruled out interference from something in my house, although I do not have anything weird, just cordless phones and WIFI Also, the forecast info is displayed weird. You can either display the weather in chunks of morning, afternoon, evening, and night (it cycles). Or you can see it for the whole day. I wish I could see the day and night forecasts separate for the current day. There are other modes, but I can't get them to work as expected. (I only have a Masters in Electrical Engineering) If you can get this on sale it is worth it, otherwise I cam going to say look for something else.

By R&D
FromTitusville, FL. 32796
Nice forcaster
Comments about Product:
Good forcaster Predicted temperatures a bit off sometimes I am satisfied.

By Consumer Deb
Comments about Product:
I have the device on my bedstand and am able to check the weather immediately when I wake up.

By eeb
Fromtraverse city MI
avoid weather direct forecaster
Comments about Product:
their server took weeks to recognize their instrument; it was then impossible to get it to speak to the display. only buy if they send an engineer to connect it.

By Dr Dave
FromBig Rapids, MI
Lots of info
Comments about Product:
I like the forecasting capacity; don't have to wait for TWC to tell me what to anticipate.

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