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Bovano Blue Crab Wall Sculpture
Bovano Blue Crab Wall Sculpture

Bovano Blue Crab Wall Sculpture 1013707

Bovano Blue Crab Wall Sculpture
Our beautifully rendered Blue Crab Wall Sculpture may not be "savory" or tasty to eat, however, true to its name, our copper and glass creature delights the eye with its beautiful, multi-hued shell. Found in coastal estuaries and lagoons from Canada to Uruguay, the beautiful blue crab is extremely sensitive to changes in environment and habitat. An excellent swimmer known for a snappy disposition, the creature's scientific name, Callinectes sapidus, means "savory beautiful swimmer."

Crab wall art displays vivid colors and timeless design. Realistically rendered of fused glass over copper in the Bovano studio in Connecticut, the blue crab features blended and mottled hues of aqua, blue and bronze with red accents on the shell, claws and appendages.

Collectible, exceptional quality Bovano wall art is meticulously handcrafted using vitreous glass enamel on copper. After cutting each distinct copper shape, finely ground glass powders are gently hand-applied to surfaces. Artisans arrange glass powders desired designs before pieces are furnace-fired to melt and fuse glass to copper. The glass cools into bright colors then pieces are welded and shaped into final forms before buffing and finishing. The often translucent and transparent jewel-like glass colors keep their brilliance forever.

Collectible, fused-glass blue crab wall art is easily hung with the built-in bracket and an ordinary picture hanger. To preserve beauty, gently wash sculpture with mild soap and water and dry with soft cloth. Avoid bending copper shapes.

For extra drama and impact, hang several crabs together to create a spectacular focal point to in any indoor living space. This handmade, American art makes a unique housewarming or special occasion gift to be treasured for a lifetime. Made in USA.

• Blue Crab Wall Art by Bovano
• Meticulously handcrafted, realistically rendered metal and glass wall art
• Collectible, USA-made crab sculpture makes
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