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Bluebird Happiness Willow Tree%26#174; Figurine
Bluebird Happiness Willow Tree%26#174; Figurine Bluebird Happiness Willow Tree%26#174; Figurine

Bluebird Happiness Willow Tree® Figurine 1025020

Bluebird Happiness Willow Tree® Figurine
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You can't help but smile when looking at this Bluebird Happiness Willow Tree® Figurine. Originally sculpted by textile artist Susan Lordi, this brunette figurine is looking up to the sky with windswept hair, her arms stretched wide. Pleasantly perched on her arms are three cheerful bluebirds. Expressing our freedom to sing, laugh, dance and create, this bluebird and girl sculpture is crafted from resin for durability and painted by hand for detail.

In Native American culture bluebirds are considered a sign of spring and a symbol of happiness and love. Native Americans considered them sacred because their blue color matches the sky. The Cherokee and Pima people believed at one time bluebirds were a dull white and gray, but that one day a bluebird found a lake in the mountains and when she bathed in the lake, her feathers turned sky blue.

A charming desktop or tabletop accent, this joyful Bluebird Happiness Willow Tree® Sculpture is a wonderful gift for anyone who embraces the beauty, love and happiness that lives within themselves.

• Willow Tree® Girl And Bluebird Sculpture
• Brunette figurine with three bluebirds on her outstretched arms
• Resin
• Hand painted
• Cheerful tabletop or desktop accent


Hi there ______,

A little bird told us ______ would be thrilled to find this under the Christmas tree (wink wink).

~ Just a tip from your elves

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