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Bear Hug Body Pillows
Bear Hug Body Pillows

Bear Hug Body Pillows 1042

Bear Hug Body Pillows
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Curl up with our big Bear Hug Body Pillows and relax in snuggly comfort. About the size of a real bear cub, they are crafted with super-dense "fur" fibers of the highest softness and durability; spot clean only. Beaded eyes, nose, and claw accents add expressive, realistic charm. Sacks of beans sewn in midsection and paws provide weight and girth.

• Big Bear Body Pillow
• Designed with super-dense and soft fibers for optimum comfort
• Beaded eyes, not and claw accents
• Weighted paws and midsection
• Charming gift for anyone who loves to cuddle

Approx. 48"L

4.6 (based on 23 customer reviews)

By Jen W
A perfect gift
Comments about Product:
I got this for my Grandma, who has dementia and has been wandering at night, always looking for my Grandpa (who passed several years ago). She loves this, hugs it all the time, and has stayed in bed every night since I gave it to her!

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By SamHouston
Beary sweet
Comments about Product:
I ordered 2 bears for gifts and I will miss them when they leave my house for their new homes. They are big, soft, and cuddly with cute details.

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By Stacy
FromErie, PA
will definately buy as gifts!
Comments about Product:
Our daughter absolutely loves this bear. She sleeps with her every night and is the most comfortable and adorable animal to snuggle. I plan on buying these great bears for my nephews as they also love it.

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By oldbears01
FromBeautiful Bear Lake, MI
Grandkids loved them
Comments about Product:
Our grand kids love them sleep with them and carry them around hugging them. Was welll.

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By Ferretay
FromWalkersville, MD
Not what I expected
Comments about Product:
I bought my girls a couple of these bears, when they were made by a different manufacturer. I liked them so much, I decided to buy one for myself recently. I was very disappointed. It was not the same bear, much smaller, but the same price range. I also feel the bear is made to look much larger than it is. Not worth the price.

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By Mom Mom
FromLansdowne, PA
Comments about Product:
Gift for granddaughter. She sleeps with the panda bear. Very soft, comfortable and perfect size. Also very comforting.

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By Speede
FromBaraboo, WI
Loveed IT
Comments about Product:
Gave as a Birthday gift to a 5 year old She loved it and hugged it , slept with it and generally would not let go!

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By Florida Girl
FromCocoa, FL
Miniature people models
Comments about Product:
I bought this for our Florida room to display by some potted bamboo. The image in the magazine makes the bear appear to be much larger than it is in reality. My fault as I looked at the photo and didn't pay much attention to the dimensions. In the photo the model must be quite petite because the bear looks really big and cuddly. It was a disappointment but it is attractive and fluffy so our grandson may enjoy it eventually.

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By crftycrl38
FromHoulton, Maine
Just Perfect
Comments about Product:
Granddaughter loved it.

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By Bigbirdsd
FromSan Diego, Ca
It worked for her
Comments about Product:
Great surprise gift to leave at someones desk, her co workers were super jealous and tried to kidnap him. His name is now Lil Spooner and he is there when I can't be.

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By Stevie
FromAmarillo, TX
Snuggly Buggly Bear
Comments about Product:
Whoever you give this to, be it your kid, spouse, grandma; if they like things that are soft and cuddly, they are going to love this bear!

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By Connie N.
FromThompson, Ct
Loved, loved, loved it!
Comments about Product:
Gave it as a gift

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By Sandy
We love it!
Comments about Product:
Its great for laying on floor or bed to watch TV. Is a pretty big pillow, it will take up a lot of room on your bed.

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By CALI0529
FromSevern, MD
Love this!
Comments about Product:
My husband got this for me for Christmas at my request. I love this body pillow and cuddle with it as much as possible. Pretty firm but also flexible. It does shed a little but I don't mind. Not only is it comfortable as a body pillow but just comforting in general because it reminds you of being a child and cuddling with your favorite toy.

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By Dianna
FromBeaumont, TX
Not what I expected
Comments about Product:
I would not recommend these bears. I thought that I was getting really big bears that my grandson's would and could sleep with. They are not that big and are very cheap looking. If it didn't cost so much to send them back that is exactly what I would do.

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By Trak
Super huggable
Comments about Product:
Keep on the couch to snuggle with and keep you warm

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By Nanna
FromSilver Speings , NY
Cuddly Big Bear
Comments about Product:
The little ones love to cuddle with it on the floor.

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By Dreading Shedding
I love my bear body pillow but...
Comments about Product:
I love snuggling with my bear body pillow but hate that it sheds more than my cats and dogs! I took a vacuum cleaner to it hoping that it was just loose fur but it's still shedding. I wonder if anyone else has had this issue or if it's just my bear.

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By k8k2
Comments about Product:
nice gift for someone who just got divorced, nice to cuddle up to, but won't talk back.

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By skiqt
FromGranby, MA
Champion Cuddler!
Comments about Product:
Great for kids to watch TV on/with-great to be on the bed!

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By Boop
FromPoconos, PA
Just as described
Comments about Product:
This bear fits our mountain home perfectly!

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By Peach
A hit for all ages!!
Comments about Product:
I bought 10 of these bears, all colors, for my 10 grandkids ages 7 mos to 10 years old. They were a colossal hit and remain treasured bed time comfort givers!! Great quality. Great detail. Unique item, a great gift for a child whose size and interests you don't know. Heck, just buy one for yourself!!

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By Taco Mama
great Christmas gift
Comments about Product:
16 year old granddaughter and 12 year old grandson both loved it to lay on the floor for family watching TV> Kept on top their bedspread for decoration.

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