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Assorted Tillandsia
Assorted Tillandsia Assorted Tillandsia

Glass And Resin Terrarium  1638

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Assorted Tillandsia
There's no need to let being indoors supplant your green-thumb activities. Day after day, all year round, our easy-care Glass And Resin Terrarium showcases a fresh, green, pop of Mother Nature inside your home.

Our terrarium features a fluted-shaped cover made from clear glass over our Assorted Bareroot Tillandsia Air Plants (sold separately) set into a round, dished base made of stonelike resin. The transparent glass cover allows for easy viewing and sunlight to pass through to plants. Moisture inside the glass dome evaporates from the plant leaves, then, it condenses on the glass before remoistening the leaves. This continual process keeps your plants healthy without the need to water. Simply mist plants occasionally to maintain moisture.

Ideal for those who enjoy plants but may not be able to garden outside, terrariums are easy to maintain and require very little maintenance. These self-contained growing environments first became popular during the 1800s when they were called Wardian cases, named after Dr. Nathaniel Ward who is attributed to first creating these nature-inspired indoor gardens.

Our glass-covered mini-garden is perfect for homes in colder climates or apartments and homes without outdoor garden space. Simply place the terrarium out of direct sunlight to avoid overheating the plants and enjoy the wonder of Mother Nature all year long!

• Glass terrarium with gray resin base
• Easy care, indoor micro-climate for plants
• Fluted glass cover and round dish contain plants
• No need to water Assorted Bareroot Tillandsia Air Plants, Set of 5 (sold separately)
• Great for nature enthusiasts who want to bring the garden inside

8-3/4" dia. x 7-1/2"H

Assorted Tillandsia


Assorted Tillandsia
Assorted Tillandsia
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5.0 (based on customer reviews)

By Gift shopper
FromPort Tobacco, MD
Great collection
Comments about Product:
Product arrived as described in good condition. Delivery was quick.

By Patty
Smile every time I look at my 'Tillies'!
Comments about Product:
They arrived here in KY in perfect condition. One even has a large bud. Found colored aquarium sand in a terra cotta color for their dish -- it shows them off perfectly. Love these and will be ordering more for friends.

By Kathy the Houseplant Freak
Love these plants!
Comments about Product:
I recently started making miniature gardens and have used these plants for that. They are perfect for containers that can't hold dirt. For instance, I had an old picnic basket and had my husband install a piece of board several inches below the top. I added small gravel, my miniature garden accessories and these plants! I am going to purchase more to use in decorative candleholders that I had no use for.

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