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36%26quot;L Umbrella Chain Extension
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Umbrella Rain Chain 2437

36"L Umbrella Chain Extension
$29.99 - $69.99
$29.99 - $69.99
All-copper rain chain is designed to add interest to your home's exterior and guide the rain to the ground as a downspout would. Our umbrella chain is patterned after a centuries-old Japanese system. The rain chain breaks the fall of rainwater, which then adheres to the chain due to surface tension. Will acquire a lovely, natural patina over time.

Umbrella Rain Chain 4-1/2"W; Overall approx. 99"L
Extension approx. 36"L

Buy 2 or more Rain Chains at $84.95 each

Umbrella Rain Chain
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$69.99$89.95Buy 2 or more Rain Chains at $84.95 each
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36"L Umbrella Chain Extension
In Stock!
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